About Me

I'm based near Edinburgh. I've been a keen amateur since the age of 12. My Maw and Paw got me a Kodak Instamatic for Xmas that year. I was later to blow most of my meagre student grant on a Zenit-E then, later still, was very happy with a simple Fujica ST605N which did me well over a decade.

In 2000 I got my first digital camera and this sparked off a new passion for photography. I didn't trust digital at first and used slide film alongside it, but now I'm 100% digital. I won't bore you with all the lenses and equipment I use - if you want to find out it's not difficult. Suffice to say I've now joined the herd - it starts with a capital 'C', though I often find myself wondering why I defected from Olympus. What lovely stuff they made.

For years I took nothing but landscapes. From 1981-1989 I was climbing the Scottish 'Munros' and took about 3000 slides on my travels. I'm Munroist no 695 and still pretty active in the hills at here and abroad.

My lovely wife is from the equally lovely Isle of Lewis which has become my second home. From there I have many landscapes and some crofting photos which have a bit of historical value as, sadly, a lot of the people are now no longer with us.

Nowadays I'm keen to get more people in my photos and regularly visit the Edinburgh Fringe. I'm a keen supporter of Inverness Caledonian Thistle and I have supplied photos to the match programme and to several of the players. Also I'm the club photographer for Whitehill Welfare F.C. In 2007 I joined flickr.com and you can see my flickr page HERE! In January 2016 I started a blog which is HERE!

I'm a member of Midlothian Camera Club which is in Lasswade. The club has a studio where I can do model sessions, so if you're an aspiring model, please get in touch.

I'm not conscious of being influenced by anybody - even if I see somebody's work which I love, I tend to forget their name straight away. However I'm going to try to start listing some people whose work I admire, in an effort to sort out the mess in my own mind.

Portraits - Gus Wylie and his portraits of ordinary people in the Hebrides.

Landscapes - David Noton and Joe Cornish get the nod from me over Charlie Waite and David Ward.

Wildlife - Laurie Campbell. Like most others producing inspiring images, this man's dedication to his work is, er, intimidating. Ron McCombe, also from the Borders, whose work I saw in 2010 for the first time.

But above all - The guys I meet every week at Midlothian Camera Club: Andy, Big John, Pat, Davie, Jeanette, Bruce, Tony, Murdo and all the others. Keep churning them out folks. Youse are great.